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The Why and When of Choosing Elm

Ossi Hanhinen @ohanhi

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I expect you to know

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What is Elm?

Why choose Elm?

The problem with JavaScript

➡️ JavaScript is unwieldy in big projects

➡️ JavaScript is in fact poorly suited for lean development, because refactoring is risky

How Elm solves it

Using TypeScript or Flow can give some of the benefits, but many libraries’ typings will still non-exhaustive)

➡️ Elm is very well suited for lean development, because refactoring Elm is fun and we can do it with confidence!

But a new language, surely it’s an additional cost!

What if the language development is discontinued in a year

When to choose Elm and when not to

What is Elm a poor fit for

Also worth remembering, it can’t be used to build a backend

What is Elm great for

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